‘I was walking from one bar to another on a long road, near Carney Commons when I saw the leprechauns. They don’t always show themselves, they’re
disgusted with humanity and the world of humanity for millions of reasons. So they hide from the world in their own world and then come out to fucking play. Come out to torture human beings as a joke. 

Luckily they didn’t torture me, because I wasn’t doing anything wrong for leprechauns.

The leprechauns usually appear wearing clothes, they steal dead people’s clothes.They could get up to the size of the dead person to get into something if they wanted to, but they generally like to be small enough to scurry down drain pipes.

They talk to you, but not in the sense that we would know it. They talk in riddles. That’s the horror of going into a fairy ring. Nobody can do it and come out sane and pick up their lives.

Because when you’re in there, there’s thousands of voices all saying different riddles.
I haven’t heard them or I would have gone mad. You should never go in. It’s the rudest thing you could ever do.'